“The album’s eleven songs are all
snarky and funky, with lots of lush
hammond playing and consistent
popular appeal. Everything doesn’t
have to be strange!”

– Audun Vinger’s review on “Settle for the Moon”, Dagens Næringsliv

“Soft City confirms with
“Settle for the Moon” that the blues
legacy, with accompanying glories,
are taken care of in the very best

– Tor Hammerø, Dagsavisen

Photo: Per Ole Hagen


The Oslo-based band Soft City is characterized by hard-hitting riffs, suggestive rhythms, soulful melody lines, and virtuosic solos. The band found each other in a shared fascination for music in the blues and soul genre, and has since the start-up in 2018 played at several festivals and club scenes around Norway. Under the blues festival at Notodden in 2021 they were appointed to the Norwegian Blues Union’s Union Band.

With this prestige title Soft City toured Norway throughout 2022. In August 2022 they released their debut album Settle for the Moon, on the label Kirkelig Kulturverksted. The album recieved magnificent reviews by some of the greatest national media houses in Norway, such as Dagens Næringsliv, Dagsavisen og Nettavisen. In 2023 Soft City will represent Norway in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis (January), as well as in the European Blues Challenge in Poland (June).

Band members:
Thea Paulsrud – vocals
Ask Vatn Strøm – guitar
Håvard Ersland – organ
Joachim Mørch Meyer – bass
Vegard Staum – drums